Private Guide South Valley Cusco


Private guide tour. enjoy it with your private guide.


DURATION: 5 hours from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

PERIOD: A Whole Year.

PRICE: $ 10


Cusco, “Navel of the World”, seems to be an endless source of attraction for thousands of tourists destinations, here are another tourist circuit like Tipon, Pikillacta and Andahuaylillas, a strange combination of pre-Hispanic and Spanish ruins, evidence of cultural duality of the ancient capital of the Inca Empire.


Archaeological group where we can appreciate the mastery of hydraulic engineering in Inca times where you can see a unique irrigation system with irrigation channels on vertical and horizontal terraces, subsurface water flows to a source that is distributed by the aforementioned channels. Tipon is also a lovely place, which has a fabulous terrace system, in which the earth continues prodigious fruit.


Archaeological Center Pre – Inca site, located 18 km south east of the city of Cusco, characterized by their levels of building stone, lime and plaster, oddly named later in colony times with this Quechua word meaning “town of fleas. ” It is said that at one point Pikillacta houses the famous Culture of Tiahuanaco, excels in its streets and squares that form, double store buildings with stuccoes walls and floors paved. Initially Pikillacta was a satellite city of the Wari (VI to XIII centuries AD) an important civilization before n empire of the sons of the Sun


Leaving Cusco going to the south after a bus trip for 45 minutes we reached the town of Andahuaylillas, traditional village whose main square has a proud colonial temple with admirable paintings of the Cusco school, known as the “Sistine Chapel of America” by the presence of baroque painting on the ceiling and walls.


  • Tourist bus.
  • Bilingual tour guide.


  • Entrance to the chapel of Andahuaylillas
  • Tourist ticket.


  • Camera camcorder and / or photographic.
  • Light clothes and comfortable shoes.