Private guide Ollantaytambo, PUMAMARKA RUINS

One of the more magical places in the Ollantaytambo surroundings. This pre-inca archeological site, that still actually not well known yet, offer the possibility of enjoying the majesty of the Empire in harmony. Far away from the crowds and with astonishing views of the Ocobamba and the Choquechaca Valleys.
We’ll start our walk in Ollantaytambo, where we’ll start the ascent following the Patacancha River. In this first part we’ll enjoy some of the abundant archeological places of Ollantaytambo like Inca Paccha, an Incan build waterfall that comes straight from the near spring source, and Muscapuquio, one of the bigger terraces areas of all the Valley. Once past Muscapuquio, in Muris, we’ll detour to take the path that will bring us to the ruins of Pumamarka. Here we’ll do the guided visit to the site, we’ll have our lunch and will take a rest before starting our way back through an old Incan path that will bring us, following the Incan Chanel, through the Muscapuquio terraces, back to Ollantaytambo. Before the arrival we’ll have the opportunity of visiting the nice archeological site of Media Luna.
We’ll warrive to Ollantaytambo mid afternoon, ready for a nice warm shower and dinner.

Rate includes guide service and Box Lunch in the ruins.