Maras And Moray Bus Or Bycicle -1 Day

Private Guide Maras Moray, enjoy the tour with us !!


DURATION: 6 hours from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm

PERIOD: All year.


Agricultural Experiment Center of Moray. – Located at 3,450 meters above sea level, where we can locate evidence of pre-Hispanic settlements such as the Inca ruins, consisting of circular platforms corresponding to agricultural terraces with complex irrigation system that reached the three sectors, which were discovered in 1930.

In this area the Quechua’s called “muyus” in the basin increased, the depth is 150 feet, the average height of the platform is 1.80 meters from each other. These correspond to the Inca period, and formed a center of agricultural experimentation, in which crop varieties were obtained using the micro climates.

Town of Maras

Nice population which still retains much of its colonial architectural beauty. You can appreciate extraordinary covers with fine carved stone lintels and bas-relief sculptures. During the colony this was a very important place where you can still see the paintings representing the disciples who from the famous artist Sinchiroca Mareno.

Las Saltmines of Maras

It is a small brine spring worked with very basic means for a fraction of the population of Maras and Pichingoto. These archaeological remains reveal that this resource was already known and used in the pre – Hispanic times and may have been one of the many sources of supply of salt for the Inca population.

The technique for salt extraction is used for the last hundred years or more. During all these centuries has kept this technology is a true work of hydraulic engineering in miniature, as the pools are relatively small, so the platforms built on one of the slopes of the gorge. Each pool has an inlet channel and venting the water, thereby awaiting the subsequent evaporation and salt grain pickup remains settled on the floor. The extraction is seasonal, only performed in the dry season from May to November or early December, the property of the pools is mainly through inheritance.


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  • Bilingual tour guide.
  • Bicycle (optional)


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  • Camera camcorder and / or photographic.
  • Light clothes and comfortable shoes.