Enjoy this tour with a private tour guide that will show you every step on the way. Private guide Machu picchu.

There is another important thing that i should let you know: if you take our service you would be supporting directly the local families…because we are LOCALS born in Urubamba and Cusco.

Day 1:

We’ll leave from Ollantaytambo to Pumamarka ruins around 07:30am. After our visit to this amazing archeological site, we’ll start our trek that will bring us to the base of the Alancoma Glacier, our first camp at 4800masl, through the Choquechaca Valley, a natural protected native forest area. This first day we’ll walk through archeological sites like the same Pumamarka and the terraces of Muscapuquio, and places of natural interest like the amazing Polyepis forests of Cepillo and Queuñapucro, the waterfall of Pacchavado, and the high-Andean community of Choquechaca, our first camp site.

Day 2:

After the sleeping in the Choquechaca, we’ll start our walk going up to arrive to the base of the Alancoma Glacier, where we’ll have a light lunch before starting the hard way up to cross the Alancoma mountain pass, that will bring us to the Patacancha Valley. After the pass we’ll start a short way down to Alancoma Chico, our camp site for the night at about 4500masl.

Day 3:

We’ll start the day with a soft way down to arrive to the base of Tastayoc mountain pass. After the hike to the pass we’ll start our way down to the Community of Tastayoc where our van will be waiting for us to start the short way up to arrive to the mountain pass of Abra Malaga. From there we’ll start a nice way down that will bring us to Santa .Maria, in the high jungle. This can be done biking, if someone is interested, with an extra cost. After that, we’ll arrive to Sta. Teresa, at 1800masl, where our organic lunch will be waiting for us. At the sunset we’ll relax at the Hotsprings Waters of Cocalmayu. A well deserved recovering bath.

Day 4:

Today is full of options and possibilities. The choices include a zip-line, tours of coffee plantations and botanical gardens, or a simple leisurely day. After breakfast we will go on your chosen adventure or take a car to the hydro-electric plant. From here we start a beautiful 2.5 hour stroll along the train tracks in the valley below Machu Picchu to arrive at Aguas Calienties for the last night before Machu Picchu.
Day 5: At long last you arrive to the fabled city of Machu Picchu. Enjoy yourself.


  • Daily feeding. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon break and dinner.
  • Doite quad tents, for each 2 persons and camp mattress.
  • First aids kid
  • Trilingual guide service (Spanish, English and French)
  • Cooker and assistant, if necessary.
  • Horses and horsemen.
  • Kitchen and dining room tents.
  • Complete ware set for kitchen and dining.
  • Lodge in Sta. Teresa full board and entrance fee to the Cocalmayo Hot Springs.
  • Road transportation.
  • Machu Picchu entrance ticket.
  • Train back to Ollantaytambo.
  • Guided visit to Machu Picchu.


  • Sleeping bag (for rent if needed)
  • Feeding (breakfast first day and dinner last day
  • Personal snacks and alcoholic beverages.
  • Mandatory travel insurance.
  • Extra Chair horses (for rent if needed)
  • Hosting and feeding in Aguas Calientes


  • Visit to the Coffee fields of Sta. Teresa.
  • Canopy in Sta. Teresa in “Cola de Mono”.
  • Farewell Pachamanca in Ollantaytambo
  • Bicycle descent from Abra Malaga to Sta. Maria
  • Hosting in Aguas Calientes.