Fishing & Jungle Adventure


Private Guide in the Jungle Tambopata. Arrival in Puerto Maldonado (Capital of Biodiversity of Peru)

Day 1. Reception at the airport or at the bus station and transfer to the office for Monte Amazonico lodge corresponding records.

Transfer to the port of Madre de Dios River where the boat for an hour cruise will lead us to our hostel (Monte Amazon Lodge) Welcome meeting with a delicious typical fruit juice, take time to settle into our rooms.

After a rest, you will have an introduction a walk for two hours in the rain forest, guided by skilled and experienced local guides who will take you through our trails and you can see some trees that may have more than five hundred years, so you can see some animals like toucans, orioles, trogons, macaws, monkeys, snakes, butterflies, etc.. You will have the opportunity to experience the magic of our forest that is adjacent to the Tambopata National Reserve (278,000 hectares protected).

After lunch, we will go to the monkey island, located in front of our lodge across the Madre de Dios River and we look for the family of capuchin monkeys that live on this island, return to the lodge

In the evening we will go to find white alligators, the Madre de Dios river with flashlights and we can also see the Capybara the largest rodent in the world weighing up to 60 kilos, back to the lodge, dinner and rest.

Day 2.-After breakfast walk 3 km and head towards the Lake Sandoval (habitat of Piranhas) one of the largest in the Tambopata National Reserve, and sail in paddle canoe and appreciate many kinds of monkeys (howler monkey, squirrel monkey , capuchin brown, Tamarins) and birds of different species (shansho cormorant Jacanas, tiger heron, vultures) and sloth bear. Maybe we will meet with the family of giant otters (almost two meters long) which is endangered and registered the largest alligators over 4 feet long, return to the lodge to enjoy a typical lunch and afternoon enjoy the extraordinary spectacle of the sunset over the Madre de Dios River. Dinner and rest.

Day 3. 5:30 a.m. in the morning a short walk through the canopy walk-way, about 40 meters high, allowing us to have a panoramic view of the Madre de Dios River and allow us to observe different species of birds, including toucans , trogons, macaws, tanagers, orioles, etc..

After breakfast we prepare for an activity challenges on trees over 30 meters high, for this activity we will have an instructor guide who will give us a talk on how to use the harnes safety for the zip-line, feeling the adrenaline on trees, return to the lodge.Lunch and rest.

In the afternoon will be a challenge to cross the Madre de Dios River by kayak to the island of the monkeys.

Then we’ll go fishing in a stream, including having the opportunity to catch piranhas.

Day 4 . Early in the morning we will take the boat to visit the parrot clak a wall on one side of the Madre de Dios River, where parrots go every morning to eat clay as a supplement to their diet. Return to the lodge for breakfast.

After lunch we visit a family of Indians who will share with us their daily activities, learning their customs have been maintained over time. Dinner and rest.

Day 5 . Breakfast and return to the city, airport transfer and / or bus terminal.

Included. – Guided tour, transportation, airport, airport-lodge and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Not included. – Consumption bar (alcoholic beverages), entrance to the Tambopata National Reserve. $ 12, tips.

Important -. Advised to bring repellent, flashlight, binoculars, personal items, sunscreen, hiking shoes, shirts and pants.

Program price.